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                 As a teacher, it is my aim to help students read and express each hidden emotions in every music being played. I approach my private studio teaching with the eagerness to experiment, learn and find each student’s unique sound enclosed in his/her voice. I help students become independent learners, as they find their own artistic voices. I ask lots of questions to help students make their own musical decisions and take ownership of their interpretations. The joy in my teaching is seeing students’ ideas develop and being there to guide them each step of the way! I have taught students ages 5 to 23, in schools and in my private studio, and have found that at every age, the voice begins to take shape to what has been learnt in class which in turn helps to build a successful career for my students. Music is meant to be shared, so each year students participate in a mini recital. Not only do they get to display each skill learnt, but they also have a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment, being the musician they desire to be. 

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